Current crime everywhere

Well things are the worst they have ever been in history. For obvious reasons: You are creating a criminal atmosphere for all criminals when you reward them for their crimes. You can literally go in to any store and steal anything you want that is under $950.00. You will not be arrested. You can rape a woman, murder a man and be let out on the street the next morning. Listen I cant be any more clear the democrats want America destroyed. Biden is the worst piece of shit that has ever been president. We as individuals must take action. If anyone attempts anything violent in any of my companies my employees are instructed to immediately use deadly force. You make sure when ever going in or out of your home, car that you know who and whats around you at all times. Its called situational awareness. Come in get trained as soon as possible its going to be a matter of survival.

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The real truth behind Covid

All of this was well planned a long time ago. Fauchi tried to sell Covid to the pentagon, they refuesd said it would cause an all out war. All the vaccines have caused the variants. The vaccine is not a vaccine even by CDC standards. It containes Graphene Hydroxide which is the equivilant of injecting razor blades into every vein, and artery you have which is going to cause hemmoaging, and huge fatal blood clotting. I was at a seminar yesterday with Dr Avie Herkowitz a specialinst wit Covid that presented the straight facts. Omicron is nothing but a bad cold, He spoke about Ivermecten, and showed proof that it stops replication of covid all the way by 2 days. All of us need to bne taking atleast 5000 IUS of vitamin D, to boost your immune system, as well as 5000 mg of vitanin C, and 100mg of zinc which blocks covid from going into your cells. There is more than proof of all of this. I have 2 very lage prescriptions of Ivermecten at home. I have no fear of Covid, 2022 will be another very bad year with inflation out of control. Biden has ruined America we need Trump back in office. I live in Burlingame, San Mateo is next door they have had 41 women raped in December, 171 armed robberies, tons of other extreme violent crimes occuring everyday. Burlingames crime has risen way up also San Francisco I will not allow anytone in my family to go there, its so dangerous. Anyway I just wanted to share about Covid. Are you aware that none of the vaccines work, if youre vaccinated by the poison, you are 10 times more likely to be infected, it destroys your immune system.. It is a deadly bio weapon. Over 1 million adverse reaction 21, 000 deathes from the vaccine. Do not be intimidated by the nedias lies. Stay healthy get Ivermecten, and take the vitamin doese I have advised you to take. Keep your people safe.

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All of you had better wake up The police wont protect you, you must totally rely on yourselves.

God dam it stop denying that things are ok when more than clearly they are not, the is the highest amount of extreme violent crime in history. Yes guess who is to blame? The democrats have tied the polices hands. They are not allowed to do their jobs. If you dont get in for training and buy a gun to protect yourself, and you family don’t complain when you have dead family members. Yes this much worse than the wild wild west ever was. The people armed themselves got trained and took care of business. This is a very very strong warning. In San Mateo there have been over 12 murders all done by 15 year old kids, yes they are killing at 15 years old, not to mention how many people have been followed home and robbed at gun point. If you think you are being followed, do not go home. Call the police tell them exactly where you are and drive to the nearest police station. Do not roll down your windows, keep your doors locked. When you leave home get in your car immediately and lock your doors. You need to always know who and what is around you at all times. The other day my wife was going into a grocery store and felt she was being followed she made 3 right turns in a row so did the creep that was behind her, out came her Glock she confronted the man, the police were called he was let out of jail no bail for a murder he commited the day before. The democrats party should be shut down. None of us will tolerate this kind of murderous behavior. Once more WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP ! Get in and get trained, buy the gun that we advise you to purchase that fits your hand correctly. We will teach you the judicious use of deadly force so you do not (ever) get into trouble. KEEP YOUR PEOPLE SAFE!

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Emergency you need to know this if you have taken the poison into your body they call it the vaccine

A major German DR / SCIENTIST has found that in the Covid vaccine there is a deadly poison in which will lead to death by heart attack blood clots! Dr Andreas Noack was just murdered after he has made public in Germany by the German police have beaten him completely to death. Go on infowars you will see it. The chemical is called Graphene Hydydroxide. What it does is acts like millions of razor blades on your veins & Arteries and veins causes massive heart attack, and blood clots. The Drs wife is seen on a video with other Drs that confirmed this. Folks this is all about depopulation, and mass murder, I already have major blood clots from it Im on major blood thinners to stat alive. You all need to talk to your Drs immediately. This will kill you between now and 3 years. Bill Gates is behind this with Fauchi, they are pysocopaths. Fauchi killed millions with AZT during the AIDS problem. Get ready to sue alll the companies that made this God dam poison. They need to be arrested, they are coming for your children and new borns now. Stand against it.

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They tried to rob our gun store, as well as another gun another gun store, they didn’t succeed

They were armed in both instances, so were we, they fled.  Things are so dangerous you need to first get trained in the safe use of a firearm, then purchase.  RThe stupid democrats have only one more card to play its called race war.  They are going to fail.

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How safe are you soon as you leave home each day?

I just came out of a major meeting that has lasted all weekend.  According to all statistics this is the most dangerous time in history to live anywhere in the US.  We all  must practice situational awareness all the time.  There is a huge difference between this a being paranoid.  Situational awareness is the fact of knowing who and whats around you at all times.  This last weekend over 100 criminals at once ransacked Nordstrom’s in Walnut creek. Listen to me Walnut Creek is a very affluent area to live and do business in.  San Francisco was also hit by at least 80 violent criminals, people were in total shock.  They didn’t see any of it coming.  Wisconsin had 4 people murdered and 40 run over by a career criminal who has already been let out of jail on a $500 dollar bond.   Due to liberal people allowing people to rape, murder and you cant call them a sex offender because its negative upon their life.  This is pain insanity.  The police has said their hands are tied and they cannot help us.  We must depend on ourselves, and use common sense.  Here are a few things that are mandatory for you to learn: Firearms safety training take at least 2 different classes to be able to defend yourself, and your loved ones.   You need to have mace not in your purse, but in your hands when getting in or out of your car.  My family lives in a very nice city here in the Bay Area, and the police have shared with us it is no longer safe.  You must depend on yourself.  The department of justice has warned everyone on my industry of Firearms to be armed in our places of business as we are now targets of opportunity since we have firearms here 24/7.  At home you should have a firearm extremely easy to defend against an attack.  Having every time locked while you are at home doesn’t work  It takes way too much time to access.   I do not advise that you live in fear, however you always need to know who and whats around you at all times.  When you arrive home immediately lock your door and apply the dead bolt.  In a home invasion that will delay their entry.  That allows you to grab your gun chamber a round and be ready to defend yourself.   If you own a gun you also need to know the law in use of deadly force.  I cant believe how stupid and brainwashed people are in this country are.  It sickens me.  The liberals want all hell to brake loose, yet they pay millions for private a (armed security).   Imagine how shocked people were at Nordstroms were 100 people coming in with crowbars, knives, guns all at once the police no where to be found.  Think about it.  Kyle Rittenhouse lawfully defended himself.  The just 100 % not guilty. Unanimously.  Please please take my counsel, and take action not to tolerate the lawlessness.  You don’t have to.   Keep your people safe ! God bless.  Women remember to have your mace in your hand no at the bottom of your purse.  You will have your head caved in while taking time to look for it. 

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We teach with the exact guns that you would buy, not 22 caliber pistols for a very good reason.

The difference in recoil is huge between a 22 caliber, and a 9mm recoil.  Once we train you you know exactly what to expect from the recoil as well as the sound of a 9mm.  There are people out there teaching a couple dollars less than us, and all you get is a 22 caliber Pistol.  Can you imagine defending yourself in a home invasion and never have experienced the recoil of a 9mm Semi-automatic pistol. A 22 caliber will not never stop a home invader, but will make them homicidal.  A 9mm will stop anyone we advise to sho0t at least 3 quick times they get the message. They have been mortally wounded, and they will stop.   A 22 will just enrage them and you can end up dead.  Death is final.  We are  realist in the way we teach.  Ive personally been shot before I know what its like.  You must have a gun with the stopping power.  A 22 is a joke.  Everything costs money especially with 30% inflation now.  We have not raised our prices in 3 years.  We desire everyone to have the best possible experience, we guarantee that everyone will shoot great their first time. Looking forward to hearing from you.  650-315 3665


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Hospitals all over the US and Europe are over filled with deadly sickness

This  is all from the poison vaccine.  Drs all know very well its from the vaccine.  If you took the vaccine expect to become extremely sick prepare.  As I had stated a long time ago.  Preparew to become extremely sick or die.   This  has been proven for depopulation.

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People who call us about professional training and think they are the only ones who are either a bit scared, anxious, your’e not alone

Depending on how and where you were raised, told to believe etc…

All of us have it inside of us to excel.  I had my legs in braces when I was very young, my mom fought to have me overcome, this because she believed in herself, and her son.  At 5 years old I won the 50 yard dash, so I thought whats next.  Yes beliefs create, and they destroy. an individual called us today and shared how scared of guns they were, but she has realized that we are living in a crazy dangerous world.  Don’t prejudge yourself.  You are about to have a break through.  Once you master this you now know you could help another person that felt the same way as you.  I moved here from Hawaii I was told I could not make any money unless I was either a gun range, or a gun store.  I more than proved them wrong, last year I made over $300,000 teaching because we are serving with a passion to always serve others.  In a very short period of time we will have you very comfortable handling a firearm extremely safely.  You also will be hitting the target with relative ease.  Fear stands for:( False evidence appearing real)  Knowledge is power so is experience.  We are here to solve your problem and set you free from fear of any firearms.  All things are possible.  We are motivated extremely passionate people, that believe in what they are doing.  Call us today talk with us on the phone get all your questions answered, take action today.  People who don’t take action don’t go anywhere.

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Education has changed massively since covid. Where do we go from here?

Traditional education has completely.  We have consulted with the top people in the field, and here is what we came up with: People don’t have the time they used to have.  We have been taught to condense things down and refined them.  People are loving our instruction because of a couple of things.  They have realized that we have the powerful ability to bring a person with zero experience, to shooting so well in one day.  We encourage of course to keep the repetitions going forward.  in just 3.5hrs you will be able to realize your mistakes have them corrected, and grow real quick quick to very good marksmanship.  Weather its for sport, job, self defense.  We invite you to come try us out and seeing is believing.  Our staff has at the least 14 years experience in teaching firearms training.  The world has shifted in a very big way.  We are the people to come to in order to learn in a very short time to become very comfortable with shooting a firearm.  We all have varied back rounds,  education.  Experience is what we really have and we are very good at reading people, and bringing  what you need to you.   So please feel free to give us a call, we are very friendly understanding instructors, that are very thorough.  We will welcome your interest in becoming proficient in the use of a firearm.  650-315-3665

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