Handgun Safety Certificate (H.S.C)

Handgun Safety Certificate (H.S.C)

Length of courses: 3.6 Hrs

This class is taught by Bay Area Firearms Instruction’s California Department of Justice Certified Instructors. Because so many people that only take the HSC COURSE are not safe enough, and could be a dangerous liability to themselves, and other people. We do not want to give the government and excuse to take away everyone’s firearms. The HSC is so minimal in training that we have added such personalized training to insure your safety. One hour range time in in this scours.Note: Students pay their own range fee, and ammo. Current price for the Department of Justice HSC Certificate is $25.00 extra paid by the student.

Prerequisite: Our facility requires that you go through a First Steps Pistol certification cost is $159.00 before you go through the HSC. This insures us, and you that you will be safe when you buy a handgun. THE HSC does not go into any kind of depth learning on using a handgun, and it is not safe for you Our Basic First Steps Pistol course training includes:Safe Gun Handling, loading, unloading dry firing, clearing stoppages, transportation laws in Calif. How to clean a gun.

4 hours of training, one hour of live fire, and a written test. Either NRA OR IFA certification. You will be more than glad you did. Please click on Pistol Training and all the info is on there.

Under California State Law, this certification must be obtained prior to the purchase of a handgun. Some exceptions to this requirement have been provided by the State of California.

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Upcoming Handgun Safety Certificate (H.S.C) are taught 7 Days a week
7 days a week they are taught.