We will take you from zero experience with a firearm to safe and proper handling and use of  a firearm including live firing the gun within one day!  This should be the best possible experience for you.  These courses are fun, easy, and very thorough.  You will be able to pick up a firearm, load it, and have your sights locked on target against a stop watch in less than 2 seconds!  WE are teaching Calif CCW classes for San Mateo County Sheriffs dept, so sign up today for a Calif CCW class.

Remember Firearms Training is like Karate, various rankings in proficiency, white belt, yellow belt, blue belt, brown belt, and black belt and so on.  Please don’t think like the others that because you bought a firearm, and went to the range you will be able to secure our borders.  This takes dedication, time, and effort.

.,5-4.5 hour Course, all courses are performance based,  depending on size of group,  it is performance based, so you may be completed in less than 5 hours.  depending on  how easily your group  adapt to skills, and arrive on time.

Minors welcome.  12 years and up with guardian.  Please call us direct for details.

This course is designed for the individual that is very serious about learning safe and proper use of a firearm.   The amount of repetitions you will experience compared to any other so called basic course’s, there is no comparison with our course.  You can expect to fire 100-150 rounds in this course.  You will learn the following: Position, Grip, Sight Alignment, Professional Trigger squeeze, Follow Through.  Loading, unloading, malfunction drills, unjamming the gun.    Please feel free to call us at 650-315-3665 all registrations are done over the phone.  Students pay for range fee and ammo.  Range fees differ from range to range.  We start off in our classroom in Burlingame, then transfer to the range.

Course starting times:

Mon-Fri 9AM, 6PM

Sat 9AM, 12:00pm

Sun 9AM