How did Israel solve school shooting problems, and they never happened again?

Israel armed the teachers, and the next time some attempted to do a mass shooting they were shot to death immediately, there have not been anymore shootings in any Israeli schools since then, but America is to ignorant, and down right stupid to even try this. So far a school cop killed the last person who tried, why can’t we at least try this? Because most Americans continue to live in denial. Come on write your congressman, and ask them to bring funding to have armed people in the schools. All we have to do is follow everything Israel did and it will stop.

Why a Glock for a beginner, and does it work for Home Defense?

Well let’s get started: Glock is a combat hand gun, and they come in 3 different sizes. I don’t recommend the sub compact for a few reasons, one is that the barrel is so short, and it’s not very accurate, and hard to control. Calibers are 9mm, 40, 45 caliber. For most women I would go for the 9mm, its easy to control, ad a well placed shot will stop most people. The 40 caliber model 22, or 23. The 22 is a full size 40 caliber, and the compact is a 23 40 caliber. 9mm has a full size, and a compact model, both I feel comfortable using. We train over 4,000 people per year and they all do very well with each of the guns I have spoken about. The 40 caliber has more recoil, and You need to be semi strong to operate it comfortably. Calif law states no more than 10 rounds can be in the magazine. Come in today and try one out during your course.

What do you look for when searching for a great firearms instructor

#1 Does the person take a great interest in you?

#2 How long have they been teaching?

#3 How flexible are they in scheduling you to begin?

#4 What are their specialties that they claim to have been teaching?

#5 How friendly are they to a perfect stranger

#6 Are they patient with you ?

The first lesson how did you think they measured up to your your questions here?

#7 Did they go out of their way to insure you had a good outcome?

#8 Did you hit the target as you hoped?

#9 Not everyone excels the first time.

#10 the instructors have either been trained by myself, or been in the special forces military, not just someone who has been in the military, they often dissapoint me, and they don’t cut the mustard.

How often are their guns cleaned, this insures less chance of breakdowns. Do they make eye contact?

The 5 instructors working here can fulfill all of the above. Please call us today to enroll in one of our courses.

We have put up a go fund me page for Scott he needs to raise $40,000 for his cancer treatment

Scott was exposed to a bio weapon some years back, and has come down with stage 4 cancer, he has spent his life savings to try to get well, but was ripped off by 2 Drs. We have put up a Gofund Me page to help pay for his treatment so he can get his cancer to die, and go into remission. Please go the page and read it. Please help Scott

Would you rather have your child find a gun with their friend, or would you rather pay and have them come to have a professional lesson

This has become a real big question we continue to ask parents when they come come for lessons. Our firm answer is yes everyone should have the opportunity to become safe with a firearm. THE LESSON MUST HAVE AN INSTRUCTOR (DIRECTLY) PRESENT THE WHOLE TIME.

Firearms training is a great thing for kids learn, and a good skill to poses. So parents time to do the right thing, and send them here with you!

Valentines Day Shoot

We had a record number of people learn to shoot Pistols for Valentines Day. Great time was had by everyone ! It’s so nice to see people having a great time, and even competing with each other. Shooting sports are such a great social tool to be able to meet new people, and enjoy one another’s company. They fired 9mm, 40, 45 caliber.

Thank you everyone for calling on us to make your special day !

Congratulations Women

Women have been 68% of our clients for the last 3 years, that’s awesome. Here are some reasons why they are coming in: They do not feel safe in society, or at home, and especially if they are living alone, or have a family. The test scores are higher generally with women. The shots on the range targets are better.

We are so happy to see them here on a regular basis, and over 90% of them are purchasing firearms !

The average age is anywhere from 20-60. Congratulations women, keep up the good work !

I own a gun do I really need formalized training?

I have never been known as Poliana:

It’s a total shame that 98% of all gun owners do not ever have any formal training they have voluntarily been through.

You are a huge liability to yourself, family, and community unless you go through formal training. Basic is not enough, you need to take a Tactical one Pistol and be taught the laws on judicious use of deadly force.

You need a safe storage device to keep your guns inside of.

Please consider coming in for training, it will only benefit you.

Be person of wisdom Buy a firearm and get the proper training to be able to stop homicidal people

Isn’t that enough to convince you that America is next on the list, and how people have become in the country! If you are a law abiding citizen and can think straight, then you need to own a firearm, and come in for training! Common sense should be knocking on the door of your heart to do this. Your government , and police won’t take care of you. We really do not know how else to say this to you, but to be straight with you, and hopefully this will shake you a bit to think about what is the right thing to do. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Now please call us today and set an appointment for training. Thank you for listening to us.

What questions parents need to ask parents

Here are the questions parents need to ask parents of anyone’s home your child may be visiting: Is there any unsecured firearms in the home that are not locked up securely. This question could save your child’s life, or the life of anyone else in the home. This is so important to ask. over 2000 children have been injured, or lost their life.

What are the 4 most important procedures that your children can do if they find a firearm anywhere?

1. Do not touch it 2. Leave the area immediately 3. Tell an adult that they know and trust, not just a stranger that could have used the gun in a crime 4. Call the police

Your children need also to know the 4 safe firearms handling skills:

1. (Always) keep the firearm pointed in the safest possible direction

2. (Always) keep your finger off the trigger

3. (Always) Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use

You can teach a child as young as 4 years old these safe skills

We are now offering these to families for $19.95 pp Please allow us to teach them.

Please call 650-315 3665

Call (650) 315-3665

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Get Your CCW Permit

The 9th circut court has now granted us concealed firearms permits for self defense reasons. Call us now to register.

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