Are you really as good as you think with a gun, or is that lazy pride talking?

Good day to all: We have been enviting many people who claimed to be very experienced with their firearm  Guess what we found out? They were so far from the truth, they were even shocked.  All the people taking lessons from us were asked why they bought a gun? 100% said ” To protect themselves, and their family.  Guess what all the sc called people who claimed to be very experienced would not survive a home invasion,  they had actually had horrible habits, and had no idea how to fightwith their guns !   It is important to take on average of 3 different courses, basic , intermediate and either a Home Defense course, or a Tactical Pistol course, or a CCW depending on what county you live in.

The bottom line is we all need a lot of knowledge, and practice, even though we are gun owners, contrary to popular beleif.  Remember these are perishable skills, if we don’t use them, we lose them.  People are afraid of the word advanced.  A basic pistol course only teaches the basics.  I have seen combat first hand, and also been shot.  People need to understand that you need number 1 competent training.  2. You need a heart of learning to do well   We all learn differently, and at different paces.  The criminals don’t care about the law they practice 24/7 at hurting or killing people.  You have to be better than the other guy.   We encourage taking multiple courses in order to be very good.  We hear every excuse

‘ Well I need to practice for a while before I can take an advance course”.  Thats how you develope bad habits and then we have to undue all you have gone south with.   We hope this makes good sense to you.  Call us today to register for one of our advanced courses or the basic pistol course f youre a beginner.  We are having so many people from europe coming to us because they are scared what’s happening with the immigration problems all over europe.  Americans think they are in a bubble.  Youre not crime is going through the roof.

Due to the irresponsibility of the general public with no shows no calls, all reservations require that any courses will all be paid upfront

I have never seen a place like California that people don’t show up, use stolen credit cards to take a firearms course, we are running a business not a babysitting service.  From this day forward all reservations will be paid upfront and in full   We have just had arrested 2 people for using a stolen credit card to take firearms training which is multiple felony’s  Both are in jail with no bail we are pressing charges to the fullest extent of the law.  In no shows no calls we had over $3,800 dollars in loss   That will never happen again.  no more mr. niceguy

Never thought we would be selling bullet proof back packs for your children to have a 2nd chance at surviving a shooting

This is the most popular selling item we have ever had in our store.  his back pack will stop a 44 magnum point blank.  Please come in and have a look at these life saving packs.  Here we are in 2018 and technology is advancing, but not wisdom.  The crime is going through the ceiling everywhere.  Burlingame averages 6 bank robberies a month.  The amount of concealed weapons courses we are teaching has gone up over 200%.  The bullet proof back packs are awesome, great idea.  We are now offering courses 4 nights a week.  We have the best group of instructors we have ever had here, multi languages.   Need a refresher courses have also zoomed in demand.

What is too young for a child to learn firearms safety training

We choose to start them at 12 years of age, that seems to be the maturity level that is safe.  We have taught kids as young as 10 years.  Rifle is the chosen firearm to begin the kids with.’Parents are required to be present the whole time.  No exceptions.   We feel its a great thing for them to be taught on early.   Number 1 for respecting what a firearms is , and what it is capable of doing.  Number 2 the eye hand coordination is very healthy to have.  Number 3 is the world we live in is so corrupt and crime is through the roof, suppose mom, and dad are shot this gives your child a 2nd chance to survive.   Food for thought.

How did Israel solve school shooting problems, and they never happened again?

Israel armed the teachers, and the next time some attempted to do a mass shooting they were shot to death immediately, there have not been anymore shootings in any Israeli schools since then, but America is to ignorant, and down right stupid to even try this.  So far a school cop killed the last person who tried, why can’t we at least try this? Because most Americans continue to live in denial.  Come on write your congressman, and ask them to bring funding to have armed people in the schools.  All we have to do is follow everything Israel did and it will stop.

Why a Glock for a beginner, and does it work for Home Defense?

Well let’s get started: Glock is a combat hand gun, and they come in 3 different sizes.  I don’t recommend the sub compact for a few reasons, one is that the barrel  is so short, and it’s not very accurate, and hard to control.  Calibers are 9mm, 40, 45 caliber.  For most women I would go for the 9mm, its easy to control, ad a well placed shot will stop most people.  The 40 caliber model 22, or 23.  The 22 is a full size 40 caliber, and the compact is a 23 40 caliber.  9mm has a full size, and a compact model, both I feel comfortable using.  We train over 4,000 people per year and they all do very well with each of the guns I have spoken about.   The 40 caliber has more recoil, and You need to be semi strong to operate it comfortably.  Calif law states no more than 10 rounds can be in the magazine.  Come in today and try one out during your course.

What do you look for when searching for a great firearms instructor

#1 Does the person take a great interest in you?

#2 How long have they been teaching?

#3 How flexible are they in scheduling you to begin?

#4 What are their specialties that they claim to have been  teaching?

#5 How friendly are they to a perfect stranger

#6 Are they patient with you ?

The first lesson how did you think they measured up to your your questions here?

#7 Did they go out of their way to insure you had a good outcome?

#8 Did you hit the target as you hoped?

#9 Not everyone excels the first time.

#10 the instructors have either been trained by myself, or been in the special forces military, not just someone who has been in the military, they often dissapoint me, and they don’t cut the mustard.

How often are their guns cleaned, this insures less chance of breakdowns.  Do they make eye contact?

The 5 instructors working here can fulfill all of the above.   Please call us today to enroll in one of our courses.

We have put up a go fund me page for Scott he needs to raise $40,000 for his cancer treatment

Scott was exposed to a bio weapon some years back, and has come down with stage 4 cancer, he has spent his life savings to try to get well, but was ripped off by 2 Drs.  We have put up a Gofund Me page to help pay for his treatment so he can get his cancer to die, and go into remission.  Please go the page and read it.  Please help Scott

Would you rather have your child find a gun with their friend, or would you rather pay and have them come to have a professional lesson

This has become a real big question we continue to ask parents when they come come for lessons.  Our firm answer is yes everyone should have the opportunity  to become safe with a firearm.  THE LESSON MUST HAVE AN INSTRUCTOR (DIRECTLY) PRESENT THE WHOLE TIME.

Firearms training is a great thing for kids learn, and a good skill to poses.  So parents time to do the right thing, and send them here with you!

Valentines Day Shoot

We had a record number of people learn to shoot Pistols for Valentines Day.  Great time was had by everyone ! It’s so nice to see people having a great time, and even competing with each other.  Shooting sports are such a great social tool to be able to meet new people, and enjoy one another’s company.  They fired 9mm, 40, 45 caliber.

Thank you everyone for calling on us to make your special day !

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The 9th circut court has now granted us concealed firearms permits for self defense reasons.  Call us now to register.

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