Emergency you need to know this if you have taken the poison into your body they call it the vaccine

A major German DR / SCIENTIST has found that in the Covid vaccine there is a deadly poison in which will lead to death by heart attack blood clots! Dr Andreas Noack was just murdered after he has made public in Germany by the German police have beaten him completely to death. Go on infowars you will see it. The chemical is called Graphene Hydydroxide. What it does is acts like millions of razor blades on your veins & Arteries and veins causes massive heart attack, and blood clots. The Drs wife is seen on a video with other Drs that confirmed this. Folks this is all about depopulation, and mass murder, I already have major blood clots from it Im on major blood thinners to stat alive. You all need to talk to your Drs immediately. This will kill you between now and 3 years. Bill Gates is behind this with Fauchi, they are pysocopaths. Fauchi killed millions with AZT during the AIDS problem. Get ready to sue alll the companies that made this God dam poison. They need to be arrested, they are coming for your children and new borns now. Stand against it.