We are open Christmas Weekend, so make your reservations today to insure you have a spot over the weekend. Christmas gift certificates you get it the same day over email

Multi State CCW courses taught here. Protect your children at school we are selling bullet proof back packs. Call for more info 650-315-3665, We have room in our Pistol,Rifle, courses this weekend, call us for more info. Women’s groups taught here

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun taught mornings, afternoons, evenings. Calif carry concealed courses taught here, Corporate offsite events up to 60 people.

Trusted since 2001

Where the family learns to shoot

Sale price on all Basic Courses regular price $209.00, sale price is 165.00 pp exp date 12/26 /2018 Minimum of 2 persons for this price!statue_of_liberty

We are proud to announce we will now be offering Rifle courses 3hrs in length, Mon-Wed-Fri nights at 6pm the range distance is 1 mile from our classroom. Call us today to make your reservations.

(Chinese speaking instructors). Please make your reservations now, as we always sell out on weekends. Please have exact dates you can start your courses, as this makes things go smoothly. Call today 650-315-3665. Pistol, AR-15 Rifle, High Power Long Range, Shotgun will be offered every weekend. BSIS SECURITY TRAINING, GUARD CARDS, EXPOSED FIREARMS PERMITS, RE QUALIFICATIONS Please call us for more info. 650-315-3665 One week special Call today for this specials on instruction ! CPR /FIRST AID certifications available

Full Length Pistol, or AR-15 Rifle, or Shotgun Full length certifications, price $209.00 1 free box of ammo included

Civilian, and Law Enforcement training, Friendliest, most patient t Instructors

  • Special Price first person full price 2nd person $20.00 off on all full length courses. We teach at the best ranges in the Bay Area.
  • Foreign students welcome with passport. Call today for reservations. Chinese, speaking instructors
  • Rated #1 pick on Google for offsite events!
  • 2 Gun certification AR-15 & Glock semi-automatic Pistol special. Save $50.00 off the 2 gun certification Family special prices over the next 2 weeks.
  • Book early for the weekend courses. All courses taught 7 days a week for your convenience.
  • Corporate Team Building events.
  • Group discounts 6 or more, Offsite events, Google, Facebook and more.
  • Ammo sales
  • AR-15 RIFLE INTRO SPECIALS FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS ONLY $159.00pp get in here and try them out ! Kids 12 and up welcome with ID. Dads, Moms, your kids will love it !
  • 3 Gun Certification Pistol, AR-15, Shotgun, or A 308 Precision Rifle Taught 7 Days a week. Save $200.00
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette parties
    Special on all Home Defense Courses expires 12/26/18

Expert Firearms Training:

Call (650) 315-3665

  • Foreign students welcome with passport, Mandarin speaking instructors.
  • Ammo and range fees are extra for certain courses.
  • Corporate offsite team building events 7 days a week up to 60 people

Firearms Training Specials

  • Weekend Special: AR-15, and Pistol certification only $250.00 that’s only 125.00 per cert compared to 195.00 each certification. Call today to book. Range fee, ammo always extra on all courses
  • (Intro Pistol) only $130.00. Sale exp 12/24/2018 Calling us is the best way to reach us. Sales on all beginner courses, call us by phone for more info.
  • We now are now teaching a special family course call us for more info.. Gift certificates available now ! Same day over email. We teach at the best ranges in the Bay Area ! Santa Clara, San Leandro, Milpitas and many more offsite ranges.
  • Corporate team building events, 60 people maximum Make reservations for springtime weekends ahead of time, while there is spaces left. 2 GUN CERTIFICATION ONLY 295.00 Regular price $400.00 Call today either Pistol & AR-15 Rifle, or High Power Rifle & Pistol
  • New Rifle scope zeroing, marksmanship specialty one day course only $189.00. All sales prices exp 12/26/2018
  • Are you a beginner? 90% of all incoming calls are from beginner signups, Allow our patient staff to take away any anxiety you may have about starting your beginner course.
  • New Skill Builder Course: $179.00 Take your skills to a new level, whatever level you are at we will make you much better, and learn advanced shooting techniques. Call for more info.
  • This coming Sat we have openings for AR-15-Rifle Pistol certifications. AR-15 Rifle or Pistol maximum of 30 people, first come first serve. Price 119.00 per person includes Tuition and Firearm rental. Please call today 650-315-3665 to reserve your spot!

Firearms Training On Sale Now!

  • Corporate offsite events available upon request
  • Special Prices on all full length certifications: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, AR-15 Courses. Call for more info.
  • Take basic training with us and we’ll give you half-off for intermediate and advanced training!
  • New: (non shooting Home Firearms course) only $70.00. perfect for the whole family
  • Home Defense $299.00.

Special prices valid through December 26, 2018 Book today save $ Take the course later

  • Basic First Steps Pistol or Shotgun intro Certification $130.00 save $30.00 off regular price. Fire our new AR-15 rifles, special daytime AR-15 courses, and 308 Precision rifles with all top-of-the-line name brand rifles and scopes , Glock’s and Springfield XD series Pistols.
  • Three gun shoot $495.00 Sale Price $395.00.
  • Pistol – AR-15 Rifle Combo Certification. $250.00.

Ammo and range fees extra for all courses

We will have you shooting today!

  • Classes 7 days / 4 nights a week.
  • Starting times 9am,10:30am ,6pm
  • Valid identification required for all courses.
  • Minors under 18 welcome with parent.
  • Foreign Students welcome with passport.
  • Private Instruction Available 7 Days/Week.
  • Chinese Mandarin speaking instructors available.
  • Group discounts 6 or more.
  • Special prices for groups of 15 or more.
  • Corporate off-site events available upon request.
  • Bring 6 people and you who brought them goes for FREE.
  • Gift certificates same day, call for more info.

Firearms Training Class starting times

  • Pistol or shotgun – 9:00am or 6:00p, Mon-Thurs
  • Rifle – 8:00am, Mon-Thurs
  • Precision Long Range Rifle, Pistol/AR-15 Rifle Combo certification – Mon, Wed, Fri night at 6pm only.

Family, Group and Private Firearm Courses

  • Sat, Sun mornings at 8:00am; Mon-Wed-Fri at 6pm; Tue, Thu at 9:00am.

Range Fees, and ammo paid by students in ( all courses). Offsite range fees vary from $10.00 and up, plus ammo depending on what type of firearms you are being trained upon, and range location.

IMG_3804We teach at the best gun ranges in the Bay Area

  • San Leandro Rifle, Reeds in Santa Clara, Target Masters Milpitas, Coyote Point San Mateo, Burlingame. Commute times average 15 mins drive to the ranges, traffic permitting.
  • For up to 600 yards, we have a private property to shoot at.
  • Special AR-15 Rifle, Pistol, or Shotgun full length course, 5-7 hour depending on performance $190.00
  • Precision Long Range Rifle $300.00

Students pay their own range fees, ammo.

Private instruction is our specialty, handling the toughest of schedules!

This is what a full AR-15 Rifle Certification will get you in 7 hours of training. She shot from 300 feet away from her target.

Call (650) 315-3665

Bay Area Firearms Training Group in Burlingame

Get Your CCW Permit

The 9th circut court has now granted us concealed firearms permits for self defense reasons. Call us now to register.

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Other Courses and Certs

CPR / AED: Adult or Adult+Infant+Child

First Aid

Private Lessons

Personal Protection

Home Firearm Safety

Range Safety Officer Course

Defensive Tactics

*Reeds indoor range fee is now $30 pp

*Range fee and ammo not included

Asset investigations, GPS Tracking, Debugging, Civil / Criminal

Investigations: Locate, Computer Forensics