Bay Area Firearms: Training Group

Current Specials

    We are looking to hire 2 more instructors as we are growing   Please call us direct 650-315-3665

  • AR-15 Rifle and Pistol certification only $250.00 that’s only 125.00 per cert compared to 195.00 each certification.  Call today to book.  This weekend only.
  • 2 GUN CERTIFICATION ONLY 295.00 Regular price $400.00  Call today either Pistol & AR-15 Rifle, or High Power Rifle & Pistol.
  • 3 Gun Certification  Pistol, AR-15, Shotgun, or A 308 Precision Rifle Taught 7 Days a week. Save $200.00
  • Family special prices over the next 2 weeks.
  • Shotgun certifications here
  • Special Price first person full price 2nd person $20.00 off  on all full length courses.
  • Sales on all beginner courses, call us by phone for more info.
  • Take basic training with us and we’ll give you half-off for intermediate and advanced training!
  • New: (non shooting Home Firearms course)  only $70.00. perfect for the whole family

Special valid through September 30, 2019

  • FSC CARDS DONE HERE, Get your permit to buy a gun here BSIS GUARD CARDS DONE HERE.  Get your guard card here.
  • ALL Basic Courses regular price $209.00, sale price is 165.00 per person.  Minimum of 2 persons for this price!
  • Special on all Home Defense Courses expires.
  • Intro Pistol only $137.00.
  • AR-15 RIFLE  INTRO  ONLY $167.00 per person.  Try them out !  Kids 12 and up welcome with ID.
  • New  Rifle scope zeroing, marksmanship specialty one day course only $189.00.
  • Basic First Steps Pistol or Shotgun intro Certification $137.00 save $30.00 off regular price.
  • Three gun shoot $495.00 Sale Price $395.00.
  • Pistol – AR-15 Rifle Combo Certification.  $250.00.


  • We now sell ammo.
  • New Skill Builder Course:  $179.00  Take your  skills to a new level, whatever level you are at we will make you much better,  and learn advanced shooting techniques.  Call for more info.
  • This coming Sat we have openings for AR-15-Rifle Pistol certifications. AR-15 Rifle or Pistol maximum of 30 people, first come first serve. Price 169.00 per person includes Tuition and Firearm rental.  Please call today 650-315-3665 to reserve your spot!
  • We have room in our Pistol,Rifle,  courses this weekend, call us for more info.
  • Protect your children at school we are selling bullet proof back packs.
  • Fire our new AR-15 rifles, special daytime AR-15 courses, and 308 Precision rifles with all top-of-the-line name brand rifles and scopes , Glock’s and Springfield XD series Pistols.
  • We are proud to announce we will now be offering Rifle courses 3hrs in length, Mon-Wed-Fri nights at 6pm the range distance is 1 mile from our classroom.  Call us today to make your reservations.
  • Pistol, AR-15 Rifle, High Power Long Range,  Shotgun will be offered every weekend.

Helpful Information

  • Please make your reservations early, as we typically sell out on weekends.
  • Please have exact dates you can start your courses when you call, as this makes things go smoothly.
  • Ammo and range fees extra for all courses.
  • Offsite range fees vary from $10.00 and up, plus ammo depending on what type of firearms you are being trained upon, and range location.
  • Are you a beginner? 90% of all incoming calls are from beginner signups, Allow our patient staff  to take away any anxiety you may have about starting your beginner course.

We will have you shooting today!

  • Minors under 18 welcome with parent.
  • Foreign Students welcome with passport.
  • Chinese Mandarin speaking instructors available.
  • Ammo and range fees are extra.
  • Gift certificates same day, call for more info.
  • Book early for the weekend courses.

Course starting times

  • Classes 7 days / 4 nights a week.
  • Private Instruction Available 7 Days/Week.
  • Starting times 9am, 10:30am, 6pm
  • Pistol or shotgun – 9:00am or 6:00p, Mon-Thurs
  • Rifle – 8:00am, Mon-Thurs
  • Precision Long Range Rifle, Pistol/AR-15 Rifle Combo certification – Mon, Wed, Fri night at 6pm only.

Family and Group Courses

  • Sat, Sun mornings at 8:00am; Mon-Wed-Fri at 6pm; Tue, Thu at 9:00am.
  • Corporate off-site events and team building available upon request.
  • Group discounts 6 or more, and 15 or more.
  • Bring 6 people and you go for FREE.
  • Women’s groups taught here.
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette parties

IMG_3804We teach at the best gun ranges in the Bay Area

  • San Leandro Rifle, Reeds in Santa Clara,
  • Coyote Point, San Mateo, Burlingame.
  • Commute times average 15 mins drive to the ranges, traffic permitting.
  • For up to 600 yards,  we have a private property to shoot at.
  • Santa Clara, San Leandro, Milpitas and many more offsite ranges.

Students pay their own range fees, ammo.

Private instruction is our specialty, handling the toughest of schedules!

This is what a full AR-15 Rifle Certification will get you in 7 hours of training. She shot from 300 feet away from her target.