What to do if you test positive for Covid: Number 1 you can purchase Ivermectin online before the fact

Here are the instructions on what you need to do:  Soon as you test positive take your ivermectin, then get to a hospital that gives monoclonal antibody infusions it take 1 hr, You need to be taking 5000 ius of vitamin D   everyday regardless, and 50 mg of zinc, and 5000 mg of vitamin c everyday. That alone will up your protection from covid,  once you have taken the ivermectin get your infusion, and have peace that it is going to turn things around right away in 1-2 days.  I have done this with 3 family members they all got well.  By 1 week later they tested negative for covid.   India has 240 million people that have all taken ivermectin and they are now covid free.  Argue with 240 million people that do not need a poison vaccine, or to wear a mask.   Please heed my instructions, they are more than proven to work.   have written this because I care enough about my fellow humans.  67 different studies world wide on Ivermectin.