Latest crime around Burlingame

The Burlingame police had to deal with a nutcase that came at the sergeant with a knife he was immediately shot to death by officers, tons of car break ins, Millbrae had another home invasion, more violence everywhere.  3 shot at a birthday party at the Embassy Suites hotel in Burlingame.  Things are going down hill quickly.  We need many many more people with concealed firearm permits. There is no other way around it.  We are not called to be a door mat for criminals.  Everyone needs to come in for training and be able to protect themselves, and families.


It was never like this before.  We can stop it if we really desire to.  We recommend a Glock for handgun, either compact or full size depending on the size of your hand.  We dont like the subcompact its not accurate after 21 ft, and recoil is too much for most people due to the shorter barral.  For shotgun a semi automatic, less chance of jamming than a pump because people wont pump it all the way in, and all the way out, so you can get a jam if you dont follow the rules.  Women you don’t need a 12 gauge, a 20 gauge is all you need.  You can handle the recoil no problem..