The real truth behind Covid

All of this was well planned a long time ago. Fauchi tried to sell Covid to the pentagon, they refuesd said it would cause an all out war. All the vaccines have caused the variants. The vaccine is not a vaccine even by CDC standards. It containes Graphene Hydroxide which is the equivilant of injecting razor blades into every vein, and artery you have which is going to cause hemmoaging, and huge fatal blood clotting. I was at a seminar yesterday with Dr Avie Herkowitz a specialinst wit Covid that presented the straight facts. Omicron is nothing but a bad cold, He spoke about Ivermecten, and showed proof that it stops replication of covid all the way by 2 days. All of us need to bne taking atleast 5000 IUS of vitamin D, to boost your immune system, as well as 5000 mg of vitanin C, and 100mg of zinc which blocks covid from going into your cells. There is more than proof of all of this. I have 2 very lage prescriptions of Ivermecten at home. I have no fear of Covid, 2022 will be another very bad year with inflation out of control. Biden has ruined America we need Trump back in office. I live in Burlingame, San Mateo is next door they have had 41 women raped in December, 171 armed robberies, tons of other extreme violent crimes occuring everyday. Burlingames crime has risen way up also San Francisco I will not allow anytone in my family to go there, its so dangerous. Anyway I just wanted to share about Covid. Are you aware that none of the vaccines work, if youre vaccinated by the poison, you are 10 times more likely to be infected, it destroys your immune system.. It is a deadly bio weapon. Over 1 million adverse reaction 21, 000 deathes from the vaccine. Do not be intimidated by the nedias lies. Stay healthy get Ivermecten, and take the vitamin doese I have advised you to take. Keep your people safe.