Education has changed massively since covid. Where do we go from here?

Traditional education has completely.  We have consulted with the top people in the field, and here is what we came up with: People don’t have the time they used to have.  We have been taught to condense things down and refined them.  People are loving our instruction because of a couple of things.  They have realized that we have the powerful ability to bring a person with zero experience, to shooting so well in one day.  We encourage of course to keep the repetitions going forward.  in just 3.5hrs you will be able to realize your mistakes have them corrected, and grow real quick quick to very good marksmanship.  Weather its for sport, job, self defense.  We invite you to come try us out and seeing is believing.  Our staff has at the least 14 years experience in teaching firearms training.  The world has shifted in a very big way.  We are the people to come to in order to learn in a very short time to become very comfortable with shooting a firearm.  We all have varied back rounds,  education.  Experience is what we really have and we are very good at reading people, and bringing  what you need to you.   So please feel free to give us a call, we are very friendly understanding instructors, that are very thorough.  We will welcome your interest in becoming proficient in the use of a firearm.  650-315-3665