First question? What is the definition of being prepared? Well it depends: Living in Calif we all know there is a huge earthquake coming. So what do you need? First thing that comes to mind is money cash saved you can get to if you need it? How much I would say at least $6000 saved tax free. #2 EXTRA FOOD FOR 3 WEEKS IF NEEDED. My family has 1 year worth of food and water if we need it. We have high quality water filters. We have our loving dog, we have 6 months of food for her. Keep our gas tanks on full in case of needed evacuation. Stay in good physical shape if you needed to be on foot for a log distance, as it is good for all of us to have good health.

Now in regards for nuclear issues: My family has potassium iodide drops to protect out thyroid glands from radiation damage. We have NBC masks and suits. We have a very big amount of various firearms, Pistols, Rifles, shotguns, plenty of ammo, hearing protection. Cash if we needed to pay someone off for whatever reason. Cash is king in these times in an emergency. In time of as major emergency you must accept the fact that people can become desperate and even resort to extreme violence. You be ready for that also. Like I said Im simply answering questions that we are being sent on a daily basis. We do not in in a paranoid state, we live being prepared. I hope Ive answered all everyone’s questions. Now call us come on out on the ranges and enjoy !