We teach with the exact guns that you would buy, not 22 caliber pistols for a very good reason.

The difference in recoil is huge between a 22 caliber, and a 9mm recoil.  Once we train you you know exactly what to expect from the recoil as well as the sound of a 9mm.  There are people out there teaching a couple dollars less than us, and all you get is a 22 caliber Pistol.  Can you imagine defending yourself in a home invasion and never have experienced the recoil of a 9mm Semi-automatic pistol. A 22 caliber will not never stop a home invader, but will make them homicidal.  A 9mm will stop anyone we advise to sho0t at least 3 quick times they get the message. They have been mortally wounded, and they will stop.   A 22 will just enrage them and you can end up dead.  Death is final.  We are  realist in the way we teach.  Ive personally been shot before I know what its like.  You must have a gun with the stopping power.  A 22 is a joke.  Everything costs money especially with 30% inflation now.  We have not raised our prices in 3 years.  We desire everyone to have the best possible experience, we guarantee that everyone will shoot great their first time. Looking forward to hearing from you.  650-315 3665