How safe are you soon as you leave home each day?

I just came out of a major meeting that has lasted all weekend.  According to all statistics this is the most dangerous time in history to live anywhere in the US.  We all  must practice situational awareness all the time.  There is a huge difference between this a being paranoid.  Situational awareness is the fact of knowing who and whats around you at all times.  This last weekend over 100 criminals at once ransacked Nordstrom’s in Walnut creek. Listen to me Walnut Creek is a very affluent area to live and do business in.  San Francisco was also hit by at least 80 violent criminals, people were in total shock.  They didn’t see any of it coming.  Wisconsin had 4 people murdered and 40 run over by a career criminal who has already been let out of jail on a $500 dollar bond.   Due to liberal people allowing people to rape, murder and you cant call them a sex offender because its negative upon their life.  This is pain insanity.  The police has said their hands are tied and they cannot help us.  We must depend on ourselves, and use common sense.  Here are a few things that are mandatory for you to learn: Firearms safety training take at least 2 different classes to be able to defend yourself, and your loved ones.   You need to have mace not in your purse, but in your hands when getting in or out of your car.  My family lives in a very nice city here in the Bay Area, and the police have shared with us it is no longer safe.  You must depend on yourself.  The department of justice has warned everyone on my industry of Firearms to be armed in our places of business as we are now targets of opportunity since we have firearms here 24/7.  At home you should have a firearm extremely easy to defend against an attack.  Having every time locked while you are at home doesn’t work  It takes way too much time to access.   I do not advise that you live in fear, however you always need to know who and whats around you at all times.  When you arrive home immediately lock your door and apply the dead bolt.  In a home invasion that will delay their entry.  That allows you to grab your gun chamber a round and be ready to defend yourself.   If you own a gun you also need to know the law in use of deadly force.  I cant believe how stupid and brainwashed people are in this country are.  It sickens me.  The liberals want all hell to brake loose, yet they pay millions for private a (armed security).   Imagine how shocked people were at Nordstroms were 100 people coming in with crowbars, knives, guns all at once the police no where to be found.  Think about it.  Kyle Rittenhouse lawfully defended himself.  The just 100 % not guilty. Unanimously.  Please please take my counsel, and take action not to tolerate the lawlessness.  You don’t have to.   Keep your people safe ! God bless.  Women remember to have your mace in your hand no at the bottom of your purse.  You will have your head caved in while taking time to look for it.