Get ready for tech shock

Because the Brandon administration has made us totally  dependent on other countries. Reversed everything The Trump administration wanted us to produce everything here.  We are now out of computer chips. Toyota Ford many other car manufacturers.  The biggest chip maker in the world has raised their prices 20% Everything is dependent on these computer chips.  Tesla has had to reprogram their cars to use an older computer chip.  Why do you think used cars are worth so much.  Costco has now limited how much toilet pap, water and many other things.  A lot of store shelves are going empty.  Almost all car makers have shutdown their factories.   so everyone and everything will be effected.  Our national security is being threatened by this.  We need to produce everything here and be totally independent .  But we are not. Its going to take years to make the chips here so we are going to be in for a rough ride.  I want you to really  think  about the implications. Hospitals don ‘t have cardiac machines, get ready for the tech shock. If you have money in the market either you can benefit from making the correct decisions, or you could lose everything.   This  is going to cause crime to get 100% worse. You must protect yourself, and your family. This is our specialty.  Pleas feel free to call us and ask about training.   This is happening right now. The supply chain is horribly interrupted.  Freighters are all parked in bays for 4-6 weeks at a time to be off loaded.  Please think about this.  Apple Samsung are not making any new phones because of this.  Crime is going up more everyday.