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We have received so many calls asking about Nuclear North Korea issue

We feel this is something to deeply consider, this is the most dangerous time we have ever faced another country attacking the US with NUKES?

I sat down with my staff and had a discussion about it: Whee is the safest place to be? Answer underground, inside, not outside. Your homes can shield you from a certain amount of fallout. Underground is always much better. Do you have pets that depend on you for food and water? Do you have a big amount of food, water, guns, ammo. Because Heaven forbid this did happen, then people would be killing each other in the first hour, as a matter of survival. Firearms would be absolutely a necessary piece of equipment, and a lot of ammo. Looting would be going on all over, because you live in Hillsborough you would be the first target.

We all hope this can be settled diplomatically, but 70 years has told us otherwise, you can’t allow a fat little pig, child molester with nukes.

We truly desire everyone to take an assessment of what you have or don’t have in stock, or what you do not have that you need to buy, or be trained in.

Firearms training is a must, and please consider this. None of us want to have to defend ourselves with deadly force, but it is a reality, not just for nukes, but everyday home invasions. Hillsborough has had double murders done by refugees.

North Korea Nukes

We need to always be prepared for all things. What happens if there is a Nuke attack? Cars stop everywhere, grocery stores are empty, people will be killing people because of survival, not because they want to kill anyone. ALL OF OUR BASIC NEEDS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY, THAT IS FOOD, WATER, SHELTER. I want you to think about it my family is well prepared in the even something happens. You also must consider such a thing. End of subject. Do you own firearms, ammo, extra food for a month, water for a month. We can’t have power for months. Think about it. What would you and your family do ?

We have put up a go fund me page for Scott he needs to raise $40,000 for his cancer treatment

Scott was exposed to a bio weapon some years back, and has come down with stage 4 cancer, he has spent his life savings to try to get well, but was ripped off by 2 Drs. We have put up a Gofund Me page to help pay for his treatment so he can get his cancer to die, and go into remission. Please go the page and read it. Please help Scott

Yelp Extorting Small companies, the real truth

Yelp the worst thing ever to happen to small business. Please read on. Please go on Google and type in Yelp class action law suits. Jeremy Stoppleman artificially inflated his stock prices past $200 per share, now it worth $13.00 a share he is being sued for a billion dollars. Yelp extorts small business’s by asking for you to pay them money to remove 1 star reviews, and if you don’t they pull down all 5 star reviews which they have done to thousands of companies. We are already paying them their extortion fees, and last week this happened to us, they deleted over 150 5 star reviews. They also called me a raciest. I employ everyone you can imagine, white, black, arab, and aisan. We are a very happy family here. I also have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and will not take a poisoning from Chemo, or radiation, and have gone the natural route, it’s costing me over 9,000 out of pocket per month. If my income is taken away by a criminal organization, then I will die from my cancer. Yelp had 2 ex employees that had come to us and shared the information. Once again Yelp has boiler rooms full of people who write 1 star reviews that have never ever walked through our doors. Once again please go to Google and type in Yelp class action law suits. This is extortion, racketeering, and mal- intent of a small business. The mafia was put in prison under the Rico doctrine. We are going to press federal criminal charges next week with the FBI. Please do not believe anything on Yelp. Thank you for calling on us. Mention Fuck Yelp and get an additional discount ! Please tell everyone you know to read this then go on Google type in Yelp class action law suits.

Yelp Fraud Extortion Racketeering that destroys small business

Jeremy Stoppelman is the director of this horrible so called company. Please if you do not believe us research for yourself. He is being sued for a billion dollars by his own stock holders fop on google . I have stage 4 cancer and no longer afford my natural treatments that will save my life, due to Yelps corruption. Please do not believe anything from Yelp. There stock is crashing, they are in a tail spin. References are Drudge Report, Google, and look up on Google Yelp class action lawsuits, there are pages and pages of law suits, he has bought off judges, and is a horrible criminal that needs to be put in prison. Please support all business owners in sending Jeremy Stoppelman to prison. Once again do not believe anything on Yelp ! CLose your Yelp accounts today

Are we aware of exactly is happening with North Korea?

This could be world war 3 easily. We as Americans need to be prepared in many areas:

Can you protect yourself and your family? Do you have enough food and water. None wins in a nuke war. It looks like we are going to bomb North Korea on the 27th of this month. All hell will break lose. It’s up to you to do the right thing. We are now teaching 300 plus people every month. This is a huge increase in people getting trained appropriately, in the safe use of firearms, and also we are training for disaster.

We are strongly encouraging you to get in here and get trained. Crime is going through the ceiling in all areas. I’s up to you to believe what is written in front of you.

A strong warning to everyone who bad mouths our president

Donald J. TRUMP HAS WON THE THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FAIR N SQUARE. Get the fuck over it! My wife shut off the academy awards, because of the deep seated unprofessional manner that they are conducting themselves in a way that could cost them in ways they never imagined. Starbucks is probable going to go under their brand has crashed because they will hire 10,000 terrorist. George Clooney how would you like if we all called your wife a fucking Iranian whore! Everyone needs to keep their fucking mouth shut, and move on with their lives. if you don’t agree with him then write him a letter sharing why.

We will never watch the academy awards ever again. Number 1 everyone in Hollywood is into deep perversion, and they are stupid people that have some money so they think that nothing bad will happen to them legally, or illegally. You have another thought coming. Mark my words Amal is going to divorce George Clooney, for many reasons, I’m not suprised. The Bible says ” We are to pray for our leaders”.

Shut the fuck up and help make America Great again. The travel band is going to go through for a huge great reason. In Sweden every 18 mins a woman is raped by a Syrian refuge. Is that what you want here ? The police in Sweden won’t even take a police report after a woman is raped. Fuck these people. God gave you a fucking brain now use it the way he meant you to!

Would you rather have your child find a gun with their friend, or would you rather pay and have them come to have a professional lesson

This has become a real big question we continue to ask parents when they come come for lessons. Our firm answer is yes everyone should have the opportunity to become safe with a firearm. THE LESSON MUST HAVE AN INSTRUCTOR (DIRECTLY) PRESENT THE WHOLE TIME.

Firearms training is a great thing for kids learn, and a good skill to poses. So parents time to do the right thing, and send them here with you!

Trump President

Look he won it fair n square, we are all fed up with the gutter level things that have happened in this country for a long time. Grow up, get your asses back to work, shut up, and get ready to see amazing stuff happen, yes many people’s feathers will be shaken. Don’t burn down your neighborhoods and prove to everyone how violent, and stupid you are. Grow up and restudy history as you need to. Love one another, as you love yourself, and see miracles happen in your lives. You will not change anything with your stupididy!

Things happen for a reason, because we need change,not what high tec has dumied you down with !

Corrupt Obama all the way down to law enforcement corruption

More hatred origin : The White House and descending all the way down to our law enforcement. More innocent police officers murdered in cold blood. The United States is peddling down hill. If we continue to be politically correct, and break the laws without consequences, this is only the beginning. Vote trump. Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and a murderer. Please force your congressman to stop the corruption.

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