This course runs anywhere from 4 hours depending on your specific needs, and time frame.  Cost starts from $250.00pp maximum of 2 students.  Range Fees,  ammo paid by students. Bolt Action Rifle rental is $50.00

100 yards-200 yards. You will be taught basic fundamentals, and how to adjust and zero a rifle scope. You learn the correct breathing, position, trigger squeeze, follow through. You will learn about ammunition loads and how they relate to your particular need.   You can rent one of our bolt action, or bring your own, and want to learn.  You will learn about how wind effects aim, elevation, weather, how to adjust your scope on get on zero in a short period of time.  If you do not own your own rifle, you can rent one from us.  Are you sick n tired of everyone else adjusting your scope for you, and never learning how?  In this course once you are graduated, you will be adjusting everyone else’s scopes for them.

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Course starting days:

Mon-Fri 9AM, 6PM

Sat  9AM

Sun private course only