Length of courses: 17 Hours depending on what course you enroll in.

COST IS $550.00 INCLUDES ALL MATERIALS, This special in depth NRA instructor course will be awesome, and you will have the industry’s top instructor business people teach you how to make good money in a world full of crime, and terrorism.

Special for 3 instructor courses or more, you save $150.00 per course a total savings of $450.00 if you pay for 3 instructor courses together. Call for details.
We offer instructor course everyday during the week, and Sat & Sun courses every weekend.
Cost of class:

  • Pistol Instructor Course Regular price $500.00 Tuition Special $450.00
  • Private $800.00
  • Semi-Private $700.00 PP
  • Shotgun $500.00 Plus Materials
  • Private $800.00
  • Semi-Private $700.00 PP
  • Rifle $600.00
  • Private $900.00

Semi-Private $700.00 PP
Personal Protection In The Home $500.00 Plus Materials if you have not taken the personal protection course as a student you will need to take that also, additional cost $300.00.
You will need to either have taken the basic personal protection course first, or we can combine it for another $350.00. email us at lankia1@yahoo.com

Private $800.00

Personal Protection Outside The Home $500.00 Plus Materials
Private $800.00

Dates: Pistol Course

We can start you any day you wish, and we have instructor courses every weekend, call for availability. 17 hours. Call us directly for dates, we begin them (every) week. We will start an instructor certification any day you need. The Bay Area Loves our flexibility! 650-200-8177

Suppose I’m not sure if I’m ready to take the instructor course? What do I do? Take the instructor dev elopement course, before taking the full blown instructor course. During the course you will gain the experience that is needed to be ready to begin the course.

Instructor Developement Course: $300.00 Ten Hours

If you don’t have much experience then you can take an instructor dev elopement course that will get you ready for the actual instructor course, cost of that is $300.00 pp. For safety reasons you need to have a lot of experience with revolvers, semi-automatics, and working with people.

Summary: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection in the home, Personal Protection Outside The Home, Instructor Courses are available upon request. Private instructor courses available any time upon request, please call us direct to schedule your instructor course.

Please contact our General Manager, for more information and scheduling. Brochures on these classes are available at our Information Center and front desk area.

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