Excellent beginner course  All courses are taught by NRA/ CA Department of Justice Instructors

Cost: 199.00pp

Minors from 12 years and up are welcome but should be accompanied by their parent/s or legal guardian.  Regular Price $195.00

Mon-Fri 8am, 2pm, 6pm

Sat 8am, 1pm

Sun 8am

First Steps Shotgun is a 3.5 hour course.  This is an excellent course to get started with. We have brand new pump, semi-automatic shotguns.  On this course you will learn the following:  Position, Grip, Sight Picture, Breath Control, Trigger Squeeze and Follow Through. Loading Unloading  at least one hour in the classroom, depending on group size, then one hour on the range.  You will fire at least 40 rounds.  Students pay their own range fee, and ammo they use.  Brands of Shotgun we use are Mossberg, Remington, Baretta,  either 12 gauge, or 20 gauge for either women or smaller people.

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Course Schedules:

Monday-Friday  9AM, 10:00am, 6PM

Sat 9AM, 11am

Sun 9AM, 11am

Full certification is a 3.5 hr class

Cost is 199.00 / per person.