We also will teach CPR AED / FIRST AID courses.

Do you know that by doing nothing, you can be sued for not protecting your flock. We have a wonderful presentation for all church leadership to see.

To date there have been over 50 pastors shot down in their own churches in cold blood. Not to mention other innocent people who have been shot. 4/08/09 Another Christian church mass murder in California this time. Gee this could never happen in my church, wake up!! We are are not people that sugar coat anything, We will tell you the truth. We are a direct action group. What is the protocol if you have a person arrive in your church, and begin shooting everyone? I’m not a gun person, it does not matter, by law you have to have a plan in place. We are not called to be a victim. We will teach your church staff what to do, when no one else does. The large church in Colorado has a plan in place from four years before that they put into action, and the gunman was neutralized on the spot. We must break out of denial and protect our congregations .Denial has no survival skill whatsoever,and is very destructive, and you cannot ignore the possibility of this occurring. The second thing is what if there is an earthquake, terrorist strike, nuclear blast? What do we do? These are the subjects we will cover in our training.

Active Shooter Course is part is a part of this course, a big part !

Hostage takers making financial or other demands are good candidates for the expert skills of a trained negotiator. Not so the active shooter. He is a rampage killer. This homicidal and suicidal predator intends to murder as many people as possible. Make no mistake: the active shooter wants you dead—for nor apparent reason. And he can make it happen very suddenly in a public place. You can’t just stand by and hope for a happy ending. He must be neutralized at the earliest opportunity.The program’s acronym , ASAP stands for “Active Shooter Assault Procedures.” It illustrates a philosophy: The active shooter must be dealt with ASAP without hesitation.  the ASAP program to educate all first responders and SWAT Teams about effective active shooter procedures.· Study Wall floods using1,2,3,and 4 men* Hallway clearing * Diamond, Y, V, and T movements* Zigzag and same side movement* Leap frog with and without shields* Saturation tactics* Limited penetration entry* On line and power floods* Movement on stairwells with and without shields.· Find out how to put together a quick & strong patrol officer offense for the active shooter call.

· Learn combat proven SWAT tactics unique to the active shooter and its aftermath.

· See bold measures, which are controversial to some, and a call to action for others.

When lives hang in the balance, every decision you make must be worth your life. The tactics and resource information contained in this program will simplify your decisions. “Active Shooter Assault Procedures The DVD” is your total resource guide for stopping the active shooter ASAP.