Beginner Firearms Classes

Pistol Rifle certificationThese classes are for those who are interested in guns for sport, or just curious, self-defense, especially survivors of assault, people who have never had any formal firearm instruction before, or have never seen, handled, or fired a gun before.   Pistol, or Rifle, or Shotgun Please click on the specific category on our site.

These classes are also taken by those who are targets of crime,   such as women, disabled, and the elderly, or those people just seeking stress reduction.

These can be taken as refresher courses for those who have had some training in the past. We also offer a one-on-one handgun, rifle or shotgun classes.

We offer Basic  First step classes in all firearms. FIRST stands for “Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training”, a program the NRA developed to meet the need for a firearms orientation program for new gun purchasers.

Introductory Shooter Bundle $147.00pp range fees, ammo not included

This course is designed for first time shooters only. you can shoot any caliber you like we have brand new top of  the line firearms, 2 targets and eye & ear protection are included. This course covers safety, basic firearms nomenclature “parts” and shooting skills.

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Home Firearm Safety

$75.00 pp

A non shooting course. perfect for families, that if you wish to continue to begin a shooting course after the completion of this course, you may do so, as you will already have the basic fundamentals for the safe operation, of pistols, rifles, shotguns.

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Junior Safety

Cost: 155.00pp

The focus of this effort is to promote a healthy respect for firearms and develop superior safety and marksmanship skills in the youth of our area. Junior members receive training and coaching from NRA-certified instructors and coaches and earn awards for demonstration of increasing shooting skills as they progress through the program

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 FIRST Steps Pistol

1911_iconCost: 169.00   Special offer

First Steps Pistol is not a full certification, but a great course to at least be on your way to it.  Length is 3.5 hours.  Classroom training is going to cover the following: Position, the correct way to grip a semi-automatic firearm, sight alignment, breath control, trigger squeeze, and follow through.

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FIRST Steps Shotgun

shotgunCost: 147.00

This is not a full certification course as in 7.5 hours.  On this course you will learn the following:  Position, Grip, Sight Picture, Breath Control, Trigger Squeeze and Follow Through. Loading Unloading  at least one hour in the classroom, depending on group size, then one hour on the range.

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FIRST Steps Rifle


Cost: 169.00

First Steps Rifle is 3.5 hours in length.  What type of Rifles do you have the choice of firing?  Either Ruger  AR-15 Rifle, or Ruger Mini -14.  Both are equipped with a scope, or E-O Tech  sights.Position, Grip, Sight Alignment, Breath Control, Trigger Squeeze, Follow Through.  Class time varies upon the size of the group, and how fast you learn the skills, average 1.5 hours, then off to the range for an hour of live fire.

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Three Gun Shoot

3 gun

Cost: 395.00pp

Three Gun Shoot certification is the best all around experience you can get,  you will get a great taste of three of the best firearms to choose from.  You will be certified in the safe use, and live firing of the best three guns in the industry. Glock Semi-automatic Pistol, AR-15 Rifle, Mossberg, or Remington Shotgun.  The objective of this course is to allow the student to experience three top of the line firearms to see which one will be the main focus once the choice tto purchase has been made.

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Three Gun Tactical Shoot

3 gunCost: 425.00

Now that you have learned all the basics of the three guns with us,  we will venture into the tactical arena.  You will learn the tactical mindset,  learn to rapid fire, shoot on the move, emergency reload you firearms, tactical reloading, clear malfunctions, and  stoppages of all types in this course.  These are life saving tactics,  Glock, AR-15 Rifle, Shotgun,   rapid fire double taps, triple taps, point shooting, rapid target acquisition just to name  a few.  Course duration 12h-hrs.

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Full length Pistol Lessons

Cost:204.00 pp

This course is for the first time shooter with their own firearm in possession, or as a refresher course for those shooters who have not handled firearms in more than a six month period. This course covers safety, nomenclature, and basic, and intermediate skills shooting skills.

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