Junior Instruction And Safety

The focus of this effort is to promote a healthy respect for firearms and develop superior safety and marksmanship skills in the youth of our area. Junior members receive training and coaching from NRA-certified instructors and coaches and earn awards for demonstration of increasing shooting skills as they progress through the program. Competitions against other junior level shooters will be a part of each member’s program as his or her proficiency increases.  Parents: would you rather your child find a gun, and try to figure out how to use it with their friend, or have a professional teach them the proper respect for firearms, and safety procedures? Must be accompanied by an adult.

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Who Can Participate:

Any person from approximately age 10 to age 17 is eligible for junior program. Minors MUST have documented parental consent. Exceptions to the 10-year-old cutoff depend on the level of maturity of the individual child and his or her ability to comprehend and vigorously apply basic safety rules and procedures.

Exceptions are at the sole discretion of our instructors.. All participants or their guardians (as applicable) must sign a release of liability and provide basic medical emergency information and authorization for treatment in case of injury. Members must follow all club rules. Due to safety concerns, HORSEPLAY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Members must also successfully complete the NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course taught by our instructors before they will be allowed to shoot.
What We Do for Junior Shooters:

Junior shooters shoot .22 caliber rimfire aperture-sighted target-grade rifles, as well as AR-15 RIFLES at NRA-certified smallbore bullseye targets at a range of 50 feet under the strict supervision of parents, coaches and instructors. Junior shooting equipment and accessories, including rifles, are available free of charge during each shooting session for those who do not currently own such equipment.

How Much Does it Cost?:

Course costs are $169.00, which includes Ammunition is available Finally, the NRA book The Basics of Rifle Shooting is required reading for the NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course. Copies are available for only $20.00.

Course starting days:

Mon-Fri 9am, 1pm, 6pm