We are approved to teach CCW classes for San Mateo county, San Benito county, Placier County,  Contra Costa county, San Jose Police Dept.
All Calif CCW permits are good state wide, looked at by case by case basis for most Sheriff’s offices in the Bay Area.  We will help you to fill out the application for the Sheriff.  You will learn to shoot in ways you never dreamed of.  All courses are taught 7 days a week.  Here is how you set up your course.  All courses are taught by NRA Calif Department of Justice certified instructors

WHY TAKE OUR COURSE: You will know the current most up to date laws, you will shoot better than you ever dreamed, and be totally safe, and  comfortable with your firearm.

We will take you from not having any experience with a firearm,  to a Concealed Carry Advanced Level Shooter in 2 days.  Shooting made easy.  Ok the Feds told California they are violation of the 2nd Amendment, and they have to issue a CCW PERMIT IF SOMEONE NEEDS ONE FOR SELF DEFENSE, as long as you are not a nut  have a   5150,  or  felony criminal, or have a restraining order against you.  Range Fees and ammunition, hearing protection are paid by the students.   We will teach you how to survive a deadly encounter.

Requires a total of 16 hours of training including Basic Pistol certification.  We will guide you through the California CCW course of fire required for the permit.  2.5 hours of California law, two separate days of shooting at the range, must pass a written test, proof of good moral character.  You will learn the tactical application of firearms use, and survival.  We also have a segment where you use our (air soft guns) simulated Glock  in a heavy duty confrontation scenario.    After completing this course you will submit all the paperwork to the Sheriff of whatever county you live in, and it is up to them if they issue you a permit or not.  California laws are taught in this course.

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Florida concealed firearms permit: requirements are  that you must have an NRA Basic Pistol Certificate in order for you to complete all requirements for you to receive your   or  Florida CCW Permit. The NRA Basic Pistol certificate course is 8 hours.  You will learn current laws regarding the carrying of a concealed firearm on your person.  Where you can carry it and where you cannot.  You will learn about the judicious use of deadly force and the law 2.0 hrs.  We add on extra time for the live fire portion of the course.  You will be required to pass the California live fire marksmanship portion of the course.  

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