hshooterAfter 17 years of asking for feed back, we have come up with the following: People seem to feel a firearm is simple enough to operate, that they can defend themselves, without any training.  This is such a misconception, and this needs to be turned around.

The crime is going through the ceiling, we have certain terrorist groups that have trained many more people that we can account for, that we all need to go through formal training, not only basic, but home defense type of courses.  Just like Karate there is white belt through black belt, the same holds true with firearms.  We desire the general public to see the value of this training.  You also need to be taught deadly force law, at what point,  you can use your firearm to defend yourself , and family.  Formal training is a must.   We want your feedback, We appreciate all the people who have used wisdom, and come in to be trained, and also meet new shooting partners.  Please send us as much feed back as you can.