Well let’s get started: Glock is a combat hand gun, and they come in 3 different sizes.  I don’t recommend the sub compact for a few reasons, one is that the barrel  is so short, and it’s not very accurate, and hard to control.  Calibers are 9mm, 40, 45 caliber.  For most women I would go for the 9mm, its easy to control, ad a well placed shot will stop most people.  The 40 caliber model 22, or 23.  The 22 is a full size 40 caliber, and the compact is a 23 40 caliber.  9mm has a full size, and a compact model, both I feel comfortable using.  We train over 4,000 people per year and they all do very well with each of the guns I have spoken about.   The 40 caliber has more recoil, and You need to be semi strong to operate it comfortably.  Calif law states no more than 10 rounds can be in the magazine.  Come in today and try one out during your course.