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We have received so many calls asking about Nuclear North Korea issue

We feel this is something to deeply consider, this is the most dangerous time we have ever faced another country attacking the US with NUKES?

I sat down with my staff and had a discussion about it: Whee is the safest place to be? Answer underground, inside, not outside. Your homes can shield you from a certain amount of fallout. Underground is always much better. Do you have pets that depend on you for food and water? Do you have a big amount of food, water, guns, ammo. Because Heaven forbid this did happen, then people would be killing each other in the first hour, as a matter of survival. Firearms would be absolutely a necessary piece of equipment, and a lot of ammo. Looting would be going on all over, because you live in Hillsborough you would be the first target.

We all hope this can be settled diplomatically, but 70 years has told us otherwise, you can’t allow a fat little pig, child molester with nukes.

We truly desire everyone to take an assessment of what you have or don’t have in stock, or what you do not have that you need to buy, or be trained in.

Firearms training is a must, and please consider this. None of us want to have to defend ourselves with deadly force, but it is a reality, not just for nukes, but everyday home invasions. Hillsborough has had double murders done by refugees.

Bay Area Firearms Training Group in Burlingame

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