Obey all safety that have been ordered for all of us to obey, now it is law that anyone outside must have a mask or you will be arrested fined up to $1,000

Look if we all obey what has been ordered for us to follow, then we will get back to work earlier   I will tell you to stay away from other people at least 13ft, that is a fact.  The corona virus can go to at least 13 ft.  The virus stays in the air for at least 3hrs   Stay the hell away from other people yes staying at home is the safest thing to do.   Please stay at home as much as you can.  Makes sure you are washing your hands at least 20 times a day or anytime you touch a door knob or pump gas as the virus is on all these.  WASH YOUR HANDS MANY MANY TIMES FOR AT LEAST 20 SECONDS WE REMOVE OUR WATCH AND TICK OFF 20 SECONDS.