Home Invasions

So what exactly is a Home Invasion? A Home Invasion is the process the criminals take to force entry, after they have had you under surveillance to take complete advantage of you in every way.

Home invasions are much more violent these days.  Two of our clients were attacked at home at night by people they had previously employed, and they actually pulled the husbands front teeth out with pliers, and raped his wife for 3 hours in front of him.  Now how can you attempt to keep you and your loved ones from being in the same situation?  Here is a short list of things to help deter things?  Firearm,  alarm system, camera system that emails you anytime there is motion, or loud noise.   Strong doors, and frames, and block piece to stop the door from being forced open.  Formal training in a Home Defense course.  Using common sense of knowing who is around you at all times.  Remember once they have forced their way in you have roughly 3 seconds to get to your gun.  First is the full length Pistol certification, then the Home Defense course will enable you to know when you can shoot, and when you can’t. In the scope of the course, you will learn how the criminals mindset works.  You will learn the tactical use of a firearm.  This all requires time, commitment, and a lot of ammo.  The criminals are doing this 24-7, so we need to be smarter, better shots than them.  What type of firearms is suggested for home defense?  Semi-Automatic Pistol, and Shotgun.  There are times that only a pistol is appropriate, as in small confined spaces, and then there is a time for the blast of a 12 or 20  gauge shotgun to put someone down In more of an open space.   Please do not believe that you do not need to be a good shot with a shotgun, because you do.  Until about 35 feet and greater distance, you are actually firing a single projectile.    An AR-15 is used when there is a down turn in society, and there is zero safety anywhere.  Urban warfare.  We offer these type of courses weekly.  Call for more info