From Highway 101 North from San Jose:

Remember the front of the building is a scuba store, so just come in and go to the back and you will see us there. Take the Anza Blvd exit from Highway 101. At the foot of the exit ramp make a right on to Airport Blvd. Follow Airport Blvd and be on the look out for Beach Road on right (Don’t turn on it). The first exit on your right after passing Beach Road is Lang Road. Turn on to Lang Road and follow this all the way to the end where you will enter a (small) Parking Lot and the front of the business is a scuba store so you are in the right place, once again the front is a scuba store.390 Lang Rd

From Highway 101 South:

Remember the front of the building is a scuba store, just come on in, and see us in the back of the store. Take the BROADWAY, Burlingame exit from Highway 101. Go East back across the overpass/freeway. Make a right turn onto Bayshore Road. It ends at a T junction about 1/2 a block down where you will be facing the entrance to the Crown Plaza Hotel. Make a left turn onto Airport Blvd. Follow Airport Blvd. After approximately 2 miles, until will again be driving toward the freeway. Make a hard right turn onto Lang Road. Lang Road runs parallel to Highway 101. Follow this all the way to the end and enter a parking lot the front of the business is a scuba store, so you are in the right place..

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