Corona Virus

Stay home if you go outside you are required to wear a mask period !  I drove down Burlingame Ave and saw at least 100 people standing so close to one another NO MASK NO GLOVES complete assholes that need to be in jail.  Calif is signing into law if you are caught outside no mask one year in jail $5,000 dollar fine.  It will be enforced.  You had better obey the health laws.  No one can enter our facility without a mask no exceptions.  We are enforcing public 6ft law stay away.  If you violate it you will be removed immediately.  Look just be smart and not stupid.  It could cost you your life or someone else’s.   Now is the time to get into great shape boost your immune system   Mandatory that you grab some zinc that helps stop the corona virus.  If you get sick have your Dr order you the hydroxycloraquin use that with zinc and in 12 hours you should be symtom free only if you use zinc with it or it won’t work.  Everybody whos Dr mixes zinc and the doxy cloraquin will recover quickly.  Reach into your wallet buy M-95 Mask   rubber gloves wash your hands at least 20 times a day.  Don’t be like the dumbshits of Burlingame use a mask.