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A strong warning to everyone who bad mouths our president

Donald J. TRUMP HAS WON THE THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FAIR N SQUARE. Get the fuck over it! My wife shut off the academy awards, because of the deep seated unprofessional manner that they are conducting themselves in a way that could cost them in ways they never imagined. Starbucks is probable going to go under their brand has crashed because they will hire 10,000 terrorist. George Clooney how would you like if we all called your wife a fucking Iranian whore! Everyone needs to keep their fucking mouth shut, and move on with their lives. if you don’t agree with him then write him a letter sharing why.

We will never watch the academy awards ever again. Number 1 everyone in Hollywood is into deep perversion, and they are stupid people that have some money so they think that nothing bad will happen to them legally, or illegally. You have another thought coming. Mark my words Amal is going to divorce George Clooney, for many reasons, I’m not suprised. The Bible says ” We are to pray for our leaders”.

Shut the fuck up and help make America Great again. The travel band is going to go through for a huge great reason. In Sweden every 18 mins a woman is raped by a Syrian refuge. Is that what you want here ? The police in Sweden won’t even take a police report after a woman is raped. Fuck these people. God gave you a fucking brain now use it the way he meant you to!

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