Corona Virus:

No hand shaking at all period.  Wash your hands as much as you can for at least 20 seconds in extremely hot water.  You can make your own hand sanitizer by 60% plus Aloe Vera and thats it.

Stay at least 10ft away from other people   Stay away from any type of crowd.  Wear a mask if you can find one.  Rubber gloves are also advised.  You touch a door knob wash your hands  When using hand sanitizer rub your hands until they are dry.   Stock up on at least 3 months worth of food non perishable canned goods  My family has 4 months worth of food, plenty of ammo firearms, keep our gas tanks on full.  Within the next 45 days no more public transportation, airlines , buses.  Please feel free to call us for any questions.   650-315-3665.