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Yelp Extorting Small companies, the real truth

Yelp the worst thing ever to happen to small business. Please read on. Please go on Google and type in Yelp class action law suits. Jeremy Stoppleman artificially inflated his stock prices past $200 per share, now it worth $13.00 a share he is being sued for a billion dollars. Yelp extorts small business’s by asking for you to pay them money to remove 1 star reviews, and if you don’t they pull down all 5 star reviews which they have done to thousands of companies. We are already paying them their extortion fees, and last week this happened to us, they deleted over 150 5 star reviews. They also called me a raciest. I employ everyone you can imagine, white, black, arab, and aisan. We are a very happy family here. I also have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and will not take a poisoning from Chemo, or radiation, and have gone the natural route, it’s costing me over 9,000 out of pocket per month. If my income is taken away by a criminal organization, then I will die from my cancer. Yelp had 2 ex employees that had come to us and shared the information. Once again Yelp has boiler rooms full of people who write 1 star reviews that have never ever walked through our doors. Once again please go to Google and type in Yelp class action law suits. This is extortion, racketeering, and mal- intent of a small business. The mafia was put in prison under the Rico doctrine. We are going to press federal criminal charges next week with the FBI. Please do not believe anything on Yelp. Thank you for calling on us. Mention Fuck Yelp and get an additional discount ! Please tell everyone you know to read this then go on Google type in Yelp class action law suits.

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