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What do all the mass shootings have in common? It’s not guns

Every one of these mass shootings that occur have a few things in common: Here they are.

Everyone of these people have been on antidepressants that are more than proven to cause homicide, and suicide. Everyone one of these people have been extremely involved in the occult which means hidden forbidden practice in Latin. Everyone of these people have been rejected by society at one level or another, and are looking for something to empower them to compensate for their loss of being connected. We strongly encourage you to file lawsuits against big pharma companies that produce there psychoactive poisons that completely alter brain chemistry, and cause extreme violent behavior, and actions. Guns are not the problem, our scumbag, doctors, politicians who have been bought out by big pharma. We have helped dozens of people get off these deadly neuro-toxins, and getting set free back to a normal life. Because of greed and high profits our government turns a blind eye. Stop causing wars, stop supplying terrorists with guns, and stop selling guns to drug cartels, that’s the type of gun control we need!

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