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The condition of our Country

John F Kennedy desired man to walk on the moon. Barak Obama wants men to go in to the ladies bathroom. Anytime a government has to tell people where they can pee is near the end of a country. George Soros a convicted terrorist that is not even allowed to enter the Untied States is Hillary Clintons #1 investor. Hmmm? We need a huge change, and we are all done with the Bushes, Clintons’s and do not want a socialist president who has dementia. Donal Trump cannot be bribed, he has his own money, and will retake this countries values and put them back into place. He is not a bigot, what he said about mexicans coming into here is totally true, last June 490 women were raped by 100% illegal aliens. The Herion problem, and cocaine, meth is being brought n by illegal aliens. We need to set harsh boundaries, and inforce them. There are no more morals left, it’s anything goes the liberal pysco mentallity. We need change or there will not be an America left. We are hitting over 20 trillion in debt, if we hit 24 trillion we are finished. Please vote for Donald J. Trump. Obama put us inn the toilet, vote for Hillary and she will flush it !

Bay Area Firearms Training Group in Burlingame

Get Your CCW Permit

The 9th circut court has now granted us concealed firearms permits for self defense reasons. Call us now to register.

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