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Pride comes before the fall Yeh I already know everything, I don’t need a class

2 weekends ago, we had a nice group of people, half men, and women, they had one friend that they told me he did not need a certification course, because he already knew everything. So here we go:

I said as long as he can pass our safety part of safe gun handling. The guy walked in and I placed a Glock airsoft gun, magazine on the table. The guy was instructed to conduct a safety check, loading, un-loading, and final safety check before placing the firearm on the table. The other students had already been through all the firearms safe handling skills. Here is what happened next:

The guy grabs the gun with his finger on the trigger on the trigger, picks up the gun sweeps 4 of the students faces with the muzzle of the gun, they began to raise their voices at him, he failed to even do a safety check loaded the gun, and then swept them one more time, then did a horrible job of un loading the gun with his finger still on the trigger, and never conducted a final safety check.

So you have the Calif piece of crap FSC and no practical safe gun handling experience, you need a certification course to first go through, before you should be able to purchase a fiream.

Where I come from in Hawaii, you are required to go through a Pistol certification course first, then you can have the privilege to purchase a firearm. I rest my case, this guy stormed out of our facility, because he was (offended) because we have the balls to take a stand for what is right, safe, and we are not known as Polly Anna. One hour later he came to his senses, and paid for a safety course. He ended up shooting better than he ever had in the past, those were his words, mine are one more safe person in our community!

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