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Gun Free Zones on a military base? Are you kidding!

Gun free zones on a military base, caused the murder of 4 innocent marines. Is our military being run by by spineless scumbags? The word military should be assumed to always be armed on all occasions. We need national carry to be passed also. The liberals are banning anything that is hurtful to someone right? ok then ban all violent people that are radicalized, and deport every last one of them! You can’t do for one and not the other. Please write to your congressman, and demand all military bases be armed 24hrs a day! If those marines were armed, then you would have had no one murdered, and one dead scumbag. We live in a very dangerous world face it! We all need to be armed at all times, every state that has CCW permits has more than proven beyond a reasonable doubt. We need national carry, we let radical islam in so we don’t offend them. It’s time that the leadership of this country get’s a spinal cord and does not tolerate anyone from anywhere that has intention to hurt, or kill others. How do you stop a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun. You have to depend only on yourself, the police arrive after the fact. We all need to be safely trained on the tactical use of firearms to stop anyone who has a heart filled with evil, and cancer towards others. Americans wake the hell up! Men grow some balls and take a stand!

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