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We at Bay Area Firearms are strongly encouraging everyone to stop watching violent movies from here on out, as there is clinical proof that people are becoming immune to violence as the norm.

Remember the center of all our problems is spiritual.

We ask you to fast the news for one week, and see how you feel. For the home here are great suggestions: No cell phones in bed, do not charge your cell phone in the same room, and stop using your blue tooth as there is now huge evidence of brain cancer, and to purchase the matrix by life wave that stops 98 % of radiation if you hold the phone up to your head. Do not eat seaweed as the are extremely high levels of arsenic in it. Scott our owner just had all his heavy metals checked by blood test, and there was arsenic showing, no his wife wasn’t pissed off at him.

Sushi has high levels of mercury in the tuna. A friend of ours bought a Geiger counter and brought it into2 local sushi bars, and it read as high as 32 rads. Fukashima has poisoned the ocean. The feds are sending out a radiation detector over the beaches this week to measure the high levels of radiation from Fukashima.

Make sure after going to the range leave your shoes outside as you do not want to track lead into your home. Wash with EDTA cleaner on your arms , and hands after shooter with very cold water.

Yes we will be open teaching all Labor Day weekend.

Bay Area Firearms Training Group in Burlingame

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The 9th circut court has now granted us concealed firearms permits for self defense reasons. Call us now to register.

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