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Burlingame Murder

I’m writing this to really bring reality to everyone, on how things really are in the U.S. If you notice doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, or dogs, or people, it comes down to the shedding of blood!

Everything is totally out of control with extreme violence everywhere. There is a deep spiritual aspect to this, if you are anyone who has had their eyes opened spiritually. It’s hard to walk your dog without the fear of being attacked by a vicious breed of another dog, or going to the mall, and being strong armed robbed like the woman the other day at Hillsdale Mall, or the shattered family of the 20 year old who was murdered in cold blood yesterday in our plastic little town of Burlingame! It’s all about the shedding of blood. Ocean shark attacks that have never been so many in history on one year, it’s about the shedding of blood, Mountain Lions wondering in San Francisco in the daytime. Things are totally out of balance and control. In regards to humanity, we ave become desensitized to extreme violence, and any spiritual values, and common sense, to the point where over 12 people saw what happened yesterday, and n one tried to help the man being stabbed to death in broad day light. San Francisco Sheriff’s office is a joke, letting a 7 felonies man with a violent felony under his belt out, and now shot an innocent woman in cold blood, and they try to explain their way out of it with bullshit lying political rederick. Everybody needs to DEMAND OF THEIR CONGRESSMAN TO PUSH LEGISLATION THROUGH TO ISSUE CONCEALED FIREARM PERMITS, OR ANY OF US COULD BE NEXT! It makes me sick what our great country has become, with everyone hiding behind their computers assassinating other people on the net, don’t have enough guts to speak eye to eye to anyone. We need to stand and fight to put someone in office who has the guts to stand for the truth, and confront evil head on. We need to have a huge change of heart in this country right now ! Don’t think it can’t happen to you, ask the family of the dead man who was killed outside of the executive center in Burlingame. Please get on the phone and call your congressman today. Ask God to search all of our hearts, and clean us up!

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